C O R O N A!

Rod Emmerton

Corona is a virus

It also is a beer

The one produces happiness

The other world-wide fear!

The virus is confusing

With the latest shopping caper

It’s fever, cough, pneumonia, flu

And NOT the toilet paper!

Our SunBird life was lovely

Now we’re kicked out of the nest

My tanning was not finished

And more biking was my quest!

It has forced a relocation

Our environment has changed

From warm and sunny SunBird

To frozen “Home on the Range”

I guess I should be thankful

For this living isolation

The virus seems to rule us all

Including every nation

But things won’t change on Friday nights

That isolation is fixed

It’s beer and stogies all alone

That habit can’t be nixed!

I’ll pass the time contentedly

No shopping and no stores

Alas, I’ll take extensive time

And organize sock drawers!