Bridge Results

Monday Afternoon Bridge

12:30-4:00 p.m.

04/07. 1st Ray Monnin, 2nd Marilyn French, 3rd Jeannine Swan

04/14. 1st Terry Wold, 2nd Sharon Wold, 3rd Ron Mitchell

04/21. 1st Peggy White, 2nd Marlys Haslow, 3rd Toni Greisiger

04/28. 1st Barb Ott, 2nd Nan Atchiley, 3rd Joan Beutel; Slams: Nan Atchiley, Joan Beutel, Irene Hirschkoph and Barb Ott

Wednesday A.M. Mixed Bridge

04/09. 1st Walt Ware, 2nd Anne Adolph, 3rd Frank Nechvatal

04/16. 1st Chet Howe, 2nd Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Anne Adolph

04/23. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Marlys Harlow, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

04/30. 1st Barb Davis, 2nd Toni Greisiger, 3rd Rachel Anderson

Wednesday Night Bridge

6:30-9:30 p.m.

04/02. 1st Jackie Huyghebaert, 2nd Julie Monnin, 3rd Larry Schoenborn; Slam: Toni Greisiger, Mel Huser, Jackie Huyghebaert, Ruth Ketchum, Lil MacPherson, Lita Mills, Julie Monnin and Larry Schoenborn

04/09. 1st Dick Conlon, 2nd Fay Lockwood, 3rd Walt Ware

04/16. 1st Walt Mills, 2nd Fay Lockwood, 3rd Sue McCutcheon

04/23. 1st Lita Mills, 2nd Terry Wold, 3rd Walt Ware; Slam: Margaret Erickson and Sharon Wold

04/30. 1st Walt Ware, 2nd Rachel Anderson, 3rd Ruth Ketchum; Slam: Ruth Ketchum and Rachel Anderson

SunBird Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

04/03. 1st Mel Huser and Ruth Ketchem, 2nd Jackie Huyghebaert and Lil MacPherson, 3rd Peg White and Rode Brown

0410. 1st Janette Shotts and Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Sharon and Terry Wold, 3rd Joan Beutel and Judy O’Neil

This was the last game of this season; see you in the fall!

Friday Afternoon Bridge

12:30-4:00 p.m.

04/04. 1st Anne Adolph, 2nd Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Jeannine Swan; Slam: Anne Adolph, Helen Goheen, Irene Hirschkoph, Julie Monnin, Larry Schoenborn and Jeannie Swan

04/11. 1st Karlene Garn, 2nd Walt Ware, 3rd Jeannine Swan; Slam: Rachel Anderson and Jim McCutcheon

04/18. 1st Mel Huser, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Toni Greisiger; Slam: Irene Hirschkoph, Mel Huser (2), Lil MacPherson and Barb Ott (2)

04/25. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Janette Shott, 3rd Mel Huser; Slam: Ruth Ketchum and Ron Mitchell