Bridge Results


Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

5/05. 1st Ron Mitchell and Mike McDonough, 2nd Carol Phillips and Bob Namon, 3rd Barry and Sharon Trojanoski

5/12. 1st Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt, 2nd Mary Jo Howe and Barb Ott, 3rd Judy O’Neil and Rachel Anderson

This is the end of this season. See you in October.

Monday Afternoon Bridge

Melvin Huser

4/02. 1st Beth Miller, 2nd Rose Brown, 3rd Helen Goheen

4/09. 1st Arlie Mulder, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Marlys Haslow

4/16. 1st Nan Atchiley, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Rose Brown

4/23. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Janette Schott, 3rd Rachel Anderson

4/30. 1st Dorothy Sykes, 2nd Shirley Jackson, 3rd Karlene Garn

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

Jeanne Lewis

4/04. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Judy O’Neal, 3rd Bob Namon

4/11. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Mel Huser, 3rd Marlys Haslow

4/18. 1st Anne Adolph, 2nd Chet Howe, 3rd Shirley Lamers

4/25. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Toni Greisiger, 3rd Chris Nechvatal

Wednesday Evening Bridge

Toni Greisiger

4/04. 1st Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott, 2nd Donna and Ron Mitchell, 3rd Sue and Ron Kaat

4/11. 1st Sue and Ron Kaat, 2nd Toni and Wayne Onyx, 3rd Judy O’Neal and Helen Goheen

4/18. 1st Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott, 2nd Sue and Ron Kaat, 3rd Donna and Ron Mitchell

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Sue and Jim McCutcheon

Friday Afternoon Bridge winners for April:

4/06. 1st Beth Miller, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Arley Mulder

4/13. 1st Melvin Huser, 2nd Nan Atchley, 3rd Beth Miller

4/20. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Arley Mulder, 3rd Chet Howe

4/27. 1st Melvin Huser, 2nd Dolores Klein, 3rd Beth Miller