Brainstorming update

Nancy Eckstein

One of the board of directors’ 2018 goals was to conduct a “Brainstorming Session” with homeowners to gain ideas to improve SunBird. This session was held on March 23 with about 150 residents generating approximately 350 ideas. Thanks to everyone who attended.

All ideas were typed as they were written and are posted in the hallway. Some ideas have a financial cost, but many don’t. Ideas with costs will not necessarily come out of dues – clubs or individuals may want to sponsor them.

These ideas have been sorted into 16 categories which are Activities, Entertainment, Trips, Swimming Pool, the Horizon Room (sorted again into six sub-divisions), Year-Round Residents, Pets, Roads and Parking, Safety, Speed Safety, Maintenance and Repairs, Procedures, Operations, Facilities/Structures/Common Grounds, Miscellaneous and the Golf Course. Each section was then sorted again and grouped by ideas that were the same, close to the same or completely different.

The purpose is to create a document which has creditability based on the background, methodically and collection of findings with a regard to recommendation without bias.

When this step is completed, the results will be presented to the board and residents at a future board meeting for discussion and evaluation. How we disseminate the findings to the community will take different forms – yet to be determined.