Board notes

The Board of Directors had a Business meeting held Monday, September 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Ballroom. These are the notes from this meeting.

Notes from the Board Meeting

The September 26 HOA Board meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. All members of the Board were present (Jean Pritchard via telephone).

Gordon Lee gave the Treasurer’s report.

Layne Varney gave his manager’s report. He stated that the CC&R’s that were voted on early this year have been recorded and are available at the office or on the website. SunBird News is struggling with advertisers. If you do business with one of the advertisers, let them know you are a SunBird resident. He reported that the year-to-date sales in the Horizon Room as of August 31 are up 27.5 percent from last year. He reminded everyone that bringing outside food or beverage into the restaurant is not permitted.

Committee Liaison Reports

Rules Compliance. Nancy Eckstein reported that the committee met on September 8. Proposed changes to the rules concerning estate sales and smoking was discussed and the proposed changes were on tonight’s agenda.

Project Review. Dee Brown-Knoeppel reported that the committee met on September 3. The new pool opened on August 24, one week ahead of schedule. The contingency fund for the pool was overspent by $6,700 which is .03 percent of total contract. The contingency fund covered infrastructure improvements, changes necessary to satisfy county requirements and spa improvements. Total funds for pool construction were $503,675. Total cost of the pool was $502,657.87 – $1,000 under projection. Existing old concrete near main gate will be replaced; additional lighting will be added. At the small pool, handrail covers at the steps have been replaced; covers for the handrails at the south end of the pool have been ordered, and a handrail on one side of the shower will be added. Shade in the southwest corner has been requested along with some repair of the tile around the drain in the shower.

Finance. Gordon Lee reported that 17 homes were closed in May. At the August 11 meeting, delinquencies, the initial 2016 budget, home sales and funds update were discussed. There was not a quorum so no voting took place. At the September 1 meeting, the 2016 budget was reviewed and it was voted to recommend it to the Board, the Reserve Fund was reviewed with Layne Varney providing details that road repairs will be the biggest cost in the next 10 years for approximately $4,000,000. To date 92 homes have been sold this year.

ACC. Pat McGonegle reported during the summer the committee met once a month. Starting in October, they will again meet twice a month. They are encouraging residents not to feed birds, except hummingbirds, as it is not only unhealthy, it is against state law.

The Finance Committee recommended and the Board approved the nomination of Royal Henry to the Finance Committee. Vote 7-0 in favor.

The ACC requested the verbiage regarding Open House, and For Sale/Rent Signs be inserted into the ACC guidelines. Motion passed 7-0

The Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee recommended that tile be installed at the south entrance of the clubhouse to the pool area and adjoining ramps; new lights and transformers for lighting around the landscaping at the new pool be purchased; prepare the Bocce Ball test site for the 2015/2016 season by purchasing a bulletin board, two benches, additional turf and two umbrellas; purchase and install a 15 foot umbrella on the upper small patio east of the new pool; and purchase and install excess pavers from the new pool construction at the small pool. The Board approved these five requests with a 7-0 vote.

The Rules Compliance Committee proposed a revision to the smoking restrictions rule. This change clarified what smoking means and what areas are now included in the no-smoking area. Motion passed 7-0.

The Rules Compliance Committee proposed a revision to the estate sales rule to clarify the definition of an estate sale and to remove the restriction that the homeowner had to be deceased before an estate sale could be held. Motion passed 7-0.

Nancy Eckstein presented a report on a Board goal which was to evaluate the SunBird Patrol and review the activity, reporting procedures, including the results of the Patrol’s interventions. The members of the Board were given a draft of the SunBird Patrol Procedure Book.

Layne Varney presented a summary of the proposed 2016 budget and said that anyone wanting a copy of the entire proposed budget can pick one up at the Homeowner’s Office.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

November Board of Director meetings: Agenda Planning meeting is Monday, November 9 at 1:00 p.m. in the Ballroom, Business meeting is Monday, November 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Ballroom.