Board of Directors Meeting Notes – February 22, 2016

President Gordon Lee called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. All members of the Board were present. Gordon welcomed the many new residents attending the meeting for the first time.

Committee Liaison Reports

Going Green Committee – The committee is continuing to work with the Sun Lakes Fire Department regarding medical alert flash drives.

Rules Committee – The committee completed its review of the revised Rules and Regulation Booklet and it is available at the HOA office or on-line. Residents are asked to park facing correctly on streets.

Project Review Committee – January home sales were 10 (two over budget). Electronic gates for the pool and exercise room were discussed and the committee is not recommending the project at this time as no problems with access have been identified. Replacing the windows on the south and west sides of the Clubhouse was discussed and the project is not economically feasible at this time. Some type of blocking of south windows in the Lakeview Room will be investigated.

ACC Committee – Since January 1, the committee has approved 63 permits. Pat reminded everyone that currently notices are not being sent out to homes with a weed problem since most people are back in SunBird at this time. However, if the problem of weeds continues, notices will be sent out.

Marketing Committee – The committee met for the first time on February 18; 60 homes had been sold since August and the new owners were invited to attend a buffet breakfast on February 22 to learn more about SunBird. It was agreed that one of the purposes of the committee would be to welcome new residents. A sample of the welcome packet that new owners receive was reviewed.

Finance Committee – Don Calvert reported the committee discussed recommending the Board adjustment of the allocation to the Contribution to Capital Improvement Fee (CCIF).

Jean Pritchard made the motion to approve the following committee membership appointments:

ACC – Pat McGonegle (chair), Jim Beaupre, Russ Bower, Barb Davis, Linda DePalma, Jim Dolwick, Bob Namon, Hal Reimer and George Richardson.

Finance – Walt Mills (chair), Royal Henry, Gil Knudtson, Joan Lemmons, Jim McCutcheon, Frank Nechvatal, Marlene Scartozzi, and Gary Whistler.

Going Green – Treva Christenson (chair), Scott Smith and Mary West.

Marketing – John Brockish (chair), Marsha Brockish, Toni Greisiger, Gary Metzger, Deanna Metzger, Margaret O’Brien, Helen Goheen, and Ralph Goheen.

Project Review and Long Range Planning – Bill Hook (chair), Shirley Clark, Jack Loy, Margaret McCathern, Dave Meyers, Jerry Seiler, Dana Smith, Lee “Bing” Solomon, and Rich VanderVeen.

Rules Committee – Chris Nechvatal (chair), Marsha Brockish, Phyllis Brown, Toni Greisiger, Jack Loy, Frank Nechvatal, and Ed Treglia.

All of the members are in good standing. Motion passed 7-0.

Chuck Warren made the motion to change one word in Policy No. 11 Election Procedures: Second paragraph, change the month from June to May. The paragraph would read “Election Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at the May HOA meeting and have not less than three regular members of the Association who are in good standing.” This change from June to May is recommended since the Board agreed not to have a Board meeting in the month of June. Motion passed 7-0.

Project Review and Long Range Planning made three recommendations:

The installation of two bocce ball courts in the area where the test site court is now located was discussed. This would require the Golf Club to approve the change and the residents to vote on the issue. The issue of how much tax the HOA would have to pay was discussed. Jean Pritchard made the motion to table this item until the tax question is answered but at the same time a letter be sent to the Golf Club requesting they approve the change of land use. Motion passed 7-0.

Chuck Warren made the motion to accept the proposal to build and install signage on the corner of Cooper and Hunt identifying SunBird Golf Resort in the amount of $2,700. The cost includes the installation, the free-standing sign and etched letters on tiles to be paid out of the Special Projects Fund. Motion passed 7-0.

Chuck Warren made the motion to accept the proposal to (1) install “pick up after your pet” signs and a plastic bag dispenser along the northeast side of the clubhouse and to extend the drywall along the north side of the Clubhouse to alleviate water collection from runoff and irrigation. Motion failed 2-5. Pat McGonegle made a motion to extend the drywall portion of the original motion. That motion passed 7-0.

Jean Pritchard made the motion to allow the Going Green Committee to make arrangements for the Sun Lakes Fire Department to come to SunBird to enable our residents to purchase and input their personal data into Medical Flash Drives. Motion passed 7-0.

The Finance Committee recommended the Board study adjusting the allocation to the Contribution to Capital Improvement Fee (CCIF) with the possibility of increasing the amount placed into the Reserve Fund. At this time the distribution of the $1,500 that comes from each home sale is $945 goes into the Capital Improvement Fund, $225 goes into the Special Project Fund, and $300 goes into the Reserve Fund. Don Calvert made the motion to table this issue so that the Finance Committee and Layne can look into this further. Motion passed 7-0.

Board members had previously submitted potential goals. Nancy Eckstein made the motion to approve the proposed following 2016 Board Goals:

Study Horizon Room successes, challenges and future services and costs;

Work closely with the Golf Club on joint interests and projects;

Improve involvement of residents, renters and new owners by orientations, welcome packets and the Marketing Committee;

Develop a long-term plan to improve and beautify common area landscape throughout SunBird;

Study current parking, recreational facilities and common area use (bocce ball, pets, etc.) and next generation homeowner wants and needs for possible expansion and/or long term planning;

Insure the completion of a succession plan for key employees;

Study and provide safety/emergency training opportunities for homeowners. Motion passed 7-0.

There was a lengthy discussion on the Horizon Room and Food and Beverage Department. Several possibilities had been discussed at the February 8 Board Agenda Meeting including outsourcing the Horizon Room and closing the restaurant during the summer. Gordon Lee reported that the Board committee has met eight times since January 25 at which time these two issues were discussed. The committee is recommending that neither of these two possibilities be entertained any further. He asked Pat McGonegle and Chuck Warren, who are not on the committee, for their opinions and both agreed to not outsource nor close the restaurant in the summer. Layne Varney reported that the over budget cost of $114,000 for running the Horizon Room comes to $5.83 per household per month. The Horizon Room is an amenity but full agreement is that it must be run in the most efficient manner possible in both the high and low season. Some preliminary ideas are to work with clubs and groups in regards to their events, serve appetizers only at special events in the summer, shorten summer hours, have ticket sales for Thursday night dinners in the summer, and review portion sizes.

April Board of Director Meetings: Agenda Planning meeting is Monday, April 11 at 1:00 p.m., and Business Meeting is Monday, April 25 at 6:00 p.m. All meetings are scheduled to meet in the Ballroom.