Benefits of playing golf

Summer golfers Pat Arnold, Jennifer Walden, Glenda Jacobsma, Renea Rankin, and Julie Anderson.

Summer golfers Pat Arnold, Jennifer Walden, Glenda Jacobsma, Renea Rankin, and Julie Anderson.

Dana Marrs

Physical exercise

Although no one would consider golf a strenuous physical activity like running, playing 18 holes by walking or riding is stimulating, continuous exercise. Being outside, moving, breathing clean air for four hours, often three to four times a week is good exercise. Golf is a low impact sport that allows golfers to play as a lifelong sport.

Improved concentration

Golfers must learn to focus on the shots they have coming up and the fundamentals of their swing. They must calculate and plan strategies.


Golf is a competitive game played in a friendly and social environment. All ages, genders, abilities, and differences can play together. We get a chance to meet new people and enjoy their company while playing the game.

Stress relief

Exercise, outdoors, and socialization have side effect of stress relief. Golf provides a boost in endorphins that can help you relax.

Better sleep

Golfers will be able to fall asleep more quickly and stay in deep sleep longer on days that they play golf. Deep sleep repairs body tissues and regenerates cells.

Green space and blue space

Fascinating studies are coming out of urban planning researchers about the relationship of green space with improved general health and wellbeing and decreased mortality risk. The urban planners also study the benefits of blue space (visible water) for healthy communities and healthier people. Maybe we can rethink how we feel about those dreaded blue spaces on the course?

Granted, not all our golf outings are so ideal, and maybe there is some Pollyanna thinking going on here. I can think of a few rounds that have increased stress and decreased wellbeing. But, hey, it is the beginning of the season, let’s dream high.

Nov. 2 brings opening day of our 2019-20 golf season. Lady 18ers will play golf and follow with a luncheon and meeting.

(Correction to the October newsletter: Lisa Onyx will serve as vice president, and Sharon Eade will serve as secretary.)