Becoming a Neighbors Who Care Client: How To

Sheryl Keeme

One can never tell when life will take a twisty turn that shifts an ordinary, normal life off-kilter. It could be the loss of a partner, an unexpected need for surgery, or a health concern that prevents driving, to name a few. Let’s face it, life happens, and we never really know when. Or you may know someone in this position. Many of our clients are referred to us from the community, service providers, or neighbors.

One of these shifts can instantly cause alarm when questions arise like:

Who will help me with groceries when I can’t drive?

How can I get to physical therapy when I cannot yet drive after surgery?

I have a physician appointment, and I can’t leave my housebound spouse alone.

These panicked thoughts can weigh heavily on the mind of a single senior citizen living in the Sun Lakes area. Despite having been delivering free services to seniors in the Sun Lakes area for 25 years, some still do not understand what we do or how we can help. Here is a simple, step-by-step outline of how to apply.

If you find you need help with meals, transportation, or respite, here’s how to find Neighbors Who Care help:

1. Contact Neighbors Who Care at our Sun Lakes offices by calling 480-895-7134.

2. One of our friendly volunteers will collect some initial information about you to make certain you live within our service area (Val Vista to Price Roads, east to west, and Queen Creek and Hunt Highway roads, north to south).

3. When location has been confirmed, the volunteer will share some additional information about our volunteer services and complete an intake form on you and your situation.

4. Your completed intake form will be referred to Neighbors Who Care’s care manager Bonnie Kosar for a review.

5. Bonnie will review the form, and if all looks correct, she will set up a home visit for an assessment.

6. A licensed social worker, Bonnie will review your needs and will approve you for the appropriate services we can deliver.

7. You are asked to provide a lead time of at least three days so volunteers may be identified and scheduled for your approved needs.

8. You are asked to call in during business hours, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to register your need. When a volunteer is scheduled, he or she will reach out by phone to confirm and discuss the event.

9. And that’s our process! If your health or situation changes, we ask that you call and speak with Bonnie, your care manager, to share them so that we may document them to best serve your ongoing needs.