At just the right time


Marc Drake, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Sun Lakes

A remarkable missionary by the name of Gladys Aylward served in China for more than 50 years. Forced to flee when the Japanese army invaded northern China, she took with her only one assistant and more than 100 orphans. It was a dangerous journey out of a war-torn area. As Gladys led them over the mountain toward Free China, she struggled with despair as never before.

After a sleepless night, she was reminded by a 12-year-old girl of the story of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. The missionary replied, “But I am not Moses.” The girl said, “Of course you aren’t, but Jehovah is still God!” It was a word well-spoken and, by God’s grace, they made it out. Perhaps this is a timely word for you today as well. No matter what mountain may loom before you, God is still God and you can trust Him completely.

Do you see the hand of God behind everything that happens to you? We read in the Bible that Joseph did. He could look back upon the incredible providence of God and rejoice that God was always on time. After Joseph’s brothers had thrown him into a pit because of jealousy…

At just the right time, the Midianites came along.

At just the right time, Joseph was sold to Potiphar.

At just the right time, Potiphar’s wife falsely accused him.

At just the right time, Joseph met the baker and the cupbearer in prison.

At just the right time, the cupbearer remembered Joseph.

At just the right time, Pharaoh called for Joseph.

At just the right time, Joseph was promoted to Prime Minister.

At just the right time, Jacob sent his sons down to Egypt.

At just the right time, the brothers met Joseph.

At just the right time, Jacob’s family moved to Egypt.

At just the right moment, Pharaoh offered Joseph’s family the land of Goshen.

At just the right time, they settled there and experienced the blessing of God.

Yes, through it all, God was in control of every detail. And He is the same today – the God who changes not! As we are told in the Bible, God’s mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). The great writer C.S. Lewis said, “He who has God and many other things has no more than he who has God alone.” Most people have many other things – family, friends, possessions, security. But do you have God? Do you know Christ? If you do, then regardless of what else you do or don’t have, you have enough. To have Him is to have everything! (2 Peter 1:3).

As the 12-year-old girl said to the discouraged missionary, “Jehovah is still God!”