Art Club

Sharon Eade

What a hot summer we had, but with September, we can now look forward to moderate temperatures and, best of all, the return of our snowbird residents. It is always so good to catch up with each other and share our experiences and showcase art projects that individuals have created during the summer months. We have also been looking into upcoming art events throughout the Valley, with the hope of attending some art shows as well as getting to meet other art groups outside of SunBird.

Though we are not an “art class,” we occasionally have our own members share their expertise in different subjects. Last year we had individual members share their expertise in portraiture, painting in the style of Georgia O’Keefe, how to develop painting of clouds, working in different mediums, and taking on the challenge of different body parts, which brought some very interesting results! Our members cover the whole gambit of skills and interests, and we bring our own projects and work at our own pace, as we all support one another and enjoy each other along the way.

Whether you have been a SunBird resident for some time or are new to our community, we welcome you to come meet us and see if this might be an area you would like to pursue. We meet every Thursday morning from 9 a.m. to noon in the Hopi Room, which is upstairs in the clubhouse, and we look forward to meeting you.