Art Club Notice

Sharon Eade

April is here, bringing springtime temperatures and lots of activities to SunBird and to the surrounding communities in the greater Phoenix area. Our Art Club Sale and Show is behind us, and it was a great success. Meeting our friends and neighbors while showcasing the artwork we put so much of ourselves into is very rewarding. The feeling of community among those of us who love art, both the creating and the appreciating of works by others, can reveal so much of the artist inside. As a group, we enjoy visiting shows around the area and that is a part of what makes this club so special.

In March we also had the good fortune of having artist Casey Cheuvront come to us to teach an exciting new art form. Mixing “cold wax” with oil paints and applying it to hard surfaces with palette knives opened up a whole new way of creating pieces in an abstract and loose way. Just another of the many exciting opportunities for growth right here in our own clubhouse!

We welcome visitors and residents to stop in on Thursday mornings in the Hopi Room to see what we are currently working on.