Art Club Notice

Sharon Eade

2020… amazing! As we get older, it seems that the years go faster. Can it really be 20 years since the Y2K scare? Reflecting on that question, it makes the wonderful times spent at SunBird and the wonderful friendships that are made here so valuable. The bonds that are made in clubs like our Art Club really reflect on how rich life is here.

This fall, many of us went to the Hidden in the Hills art quest, which took us to home studios throughout the Carefree area. The willingness of talented artists to share their talents and skills with others brings a sense of unity to the whole art world. Now that January is here, we can resume our desire to share our works with all of SunBird, as our showcase is returned to its home in the clubhouse lobby. We have so missed showcasing our works but have many pieces to bring to all. And don’t forget—February is the month for our challenge (Reflections) to be revealed, so our members are feverishly working on perfecting works to share and will again show how each individual interprets this wide subject.

Stay tuned, and here’s to another year of good times and good friends.