Art Club news – March 2015

Sharon Eade

Our Art Club was founded by our own Irene Coatta many years ago. She has nurtured each of us individually and as a whole which is why our club continues to grow and be such a positive part of our lives. Recently Irene conducted a portrait class for us and was able to teach it in various mediums to accommodate the variety of artists’ skills. She generously shares her vast knowledge and talent and is so proud of us as we grow through her teachings. Thank you, Irene. You are very special to each of us.

We also want to let you know the Art Club’s showcase has been moved from its previous location by the Ballroom to a location closer to the main doors and elevator. Be sure to check it often as our members proudly display their lovely creations for all to enjoy. And don’t forget to check this year’s challenge entitled “Time.” This broad subject had us scratching our heads but brought out a wide variety of interpretations and creativity! It will be displayed beginning March 5 and should not be missed. Good job, everyone!