Art Club news for May

Sharon Eade

May is here already and at this time of the year the desert is alive with color as the cactus put on quite a show. Many shrubs also strut their stuff and bring inspiration for great photography and artistic endeavors at every corner. What a great time to bring out our paints to capture this beauty on paper or canvas. Some of these blooms show themselves for only a day or two while others give us weeks of beauty to enjoy. Like the cactus flowers, many of us have only a few days in May to enjoy SunBird and our friends before leaving to head back to our other lives in various parts of the world and has us trying to capture a few more shared times together before saying good-bye to another wonderful season. Our club has certainly had a full schedule of learning and sharing this year and as our numbers have grown so have the friendships that make our time here in SunBird so special. So whether you are here for a few more days, a few more weeks or stay for the summer, may you all have a wonderful time until we reunite in the fall. And may we all keep our inspirations alive and our paintbrushes wet.