Art Club news

Sharon Eade

November is the month that brings our focus to thankfulness. With so much sadness, destruction and fear bombarding us in the news and events throughout the world, it is becoming even more important to find that positiveness. A recent article in Psychology Today talked about the power of creating. Neurogenesis is the process wherein neural stem cells create neurons, a complicated statement to define that neurons are the core working units of the brain. The article translates this to enforce the healing power of creativeness.

As artists, we experience this creative power as we bring life to canvas or paper, etc., through our paintings. The reduction in anxiety and improved emotional awareness brings a calming and renewed optimism and sense of wellbeing to our lives and the world around us. So this is to say how thankful we in the Art Club are to be able to come together in such a positive way. We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!