Art Club news

Sharon Eade

April in Paris and Springtime in the Rockies are just two songs raising the beauty that spring brings throughout the world. We are so blessed here in Arizona as our desert flowers take on a majesty and beauty that can stand up to tropical flowers, roses, et al. It is with awe that we watch plants which we already respect for their resilience to heat, cold and waterless environments turn the landscape into a plethora of vivid color. Artists grab paints, easels, and cameras and head out to capture this beauty and visitor numbers grow as they come to Arizona for this show.

Artists continually train their eye to see color, texture and the play of light and darks which can create that beauty in our art. We in the SunBird Art Club are no exception and are so lucky to have the inspiration of each other and wonderful instructors and at this time of year we have no shortage of subjects to enhance our skills. We continue to find ways to share our love of art with the residents of SunBird and hope you enjoy our art as much as we enjoy creating it.