Art Club News

Sharon Eade

The season seems to have flown by again this year. With the winding down of COVID-19 restrictions, our membership grew and activities were back in place. We were all so delighted to once again see our long-standing member Doreen Hill who courageously flies from her home in England to be a part of the Art Club family! It is always hard to wave goodbye to our snowbird members, but those of us who stay through the summer will continue to meet on Thursday mornings in the Hopi Room. What a good time for remaining Sunbird residents to stop in and meet members in a relaxed and personal environment. If anyone has wanted to try their hand at creating artwork but felt unsure, this is a great way to meet our members in a small and relaxed way. All of us are here for the joy of trying new things, expanding our desire to create, and make new friends. We will continue to show our individual members’ artwork in the showcase located in the lobby by the library. Keep an eye out, as the artwork changes throughout the summer. And a thank you to our president, Emily Hardy, who opened her home hosting our “end of the year” party, as we enjoyed good food and great conversations. It’s been a great year!