Art Club News

Sharon Eade

It is so great to see our friends returning and SunBird activity levels feeling like the community we all love. The Art Club has a great list of upcoming events throughout the Valley, and we hope to be able to attend a number of them. Seeing artists in action and/or on display brings enthusiasm and the “can’t wait to get home and start painting” excitement. For anyone new to SunBird, or maybe has lived here for years and has wanted to get into painting and meeting other residents who share that desire, the Art Club meets every Thursday morning from 9 to 11:30 a.m. in the Hopi Room, which is upstairs in the clubhouse. Come up and meet us to see if this is right for you. Our objective is to learn and grow in a friendly and fun environment, and we look forward to meeting and welcoming new members. Here’s to 2022 bringing back the good times and good friends that we all enjoy in SunBird!