Art Club is ready for summer

Sharon Eade

May is here and seemed to sneak in without us noticing! We have had such a full year of learning and enjoying our individual journeys in art. In April, our own Irene Coatta gave us a class on creating paintings conveying “reflections” on glass and other nonporous subjects. Thank you, Irene.

Though many of our members leave SunBird to our other homes, it is important to note that our Art Club still has the Hopi Room on Thursday mornings, and you can find members enjoying a relaxed painting time together. If you are here and want a chance to do your art in a low-key environment, be sure to come up and meet those of us who remain. Also, a reminder to everyone during the summer in SunBird, be sure to check out the artwork in our showcase. So, until October, it is our wish to all for a healthy and happy summer. We hope to see you all then!