Arizona Rangers – Sun Lakes Company

The Arizona Rangers is an unpaid, non-commissioned civilian auxiliary that is available for the purpose of assisting and supporting law enforcement in the State of Arizona. The Arizona Rangers’ primary mission is to provide a professional presence of armed and well-trained law enforcement auxiliary personnel to positively promote, preserve, and enhance a safe, secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment for local residents. The Rangers, under the authority and with the approval of the homeowners association, assist our HOA patrol chief, enforce community traffic and parking rules, help to maintain facility security, and conduct traffic control and security for special events. Most importantly, the mere presence of the Arizona Rangers’ driving marked vehicles in SunBird provides a strong visual deterrent, discouraging criminal activity.

The Arizona Rangers are AZ Post qualified to carry weapons (pistols, rifles, and shotguns), defensive tools (collapsible batons and OC spray), wear badges and uniforms, and perform duties with law enforcement. AZ Rangers perform a variety of duties that include:

* Foot patrols of city or county areas

* Securing the outer perimeter of crime scenes

* Traffic control

* Special public event security (parades, holidays, special events, etc.)

* Disaster response support

* Search and rescue support

* DUI checkpoint and Wet Lab Security assistance

* U.S. Forestry and fire department support and assistance

* Security patrols may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following areas: public buildings, private businesses (after hours), public/private ground checks.

The Arizona Rangers Sun Lakes Company is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. They do not receive financial support from any federal, state, or local entity. If you wish to make a tax-free donation, please go to the following website: