April SunBird Tennis News

Kenneth R. Nelson, Sr.

I have often broached the subject of my mother’s passing in 2013 at the age of 84. Usually, we discuss the effects that getting older may lead to Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness, debilitating strokes, and heart problems. Losing a loved one is not easy, and on that we would all agree.

I have had to redirect my efforts wherein I decided to make this reporter’s position more than just scores, but about the players. With the unexpected passing of my grandson from a case of undiagnosed diabetes last month, I felt that I had had my eggs/noodles/brains scrambled. This month, I’ll go a little off of the grid with my discussion/introduction.

So far, I have told you about the longevity of my buddy Hal Reimer, 91, and getting stronger with each week that passes. I have even gone so far as give a thumbnail picture of yours truly. This past week, I met a new player, a SunBird regular! This lady came out like gangbusters with her two-handed forehand and low to the net backhand strokes. We played the session, and when we were all done, I found out: 1. She doesn’t live here, and 2. She is one of those folks whom I have an awful lot of respect for—her mother owns a home here, and she visits for a month every year. I wanted to interview her, but I thought since I have been bounding in and out of reality with the spirit of my grandson visiting me often, so, Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Brenda!

Brenda played with the fellas and did not give up ‘til we all quit. She has a strong backhand and one of the most unique two-handed forehands that I have seen.

We probably have one or two more visitors who come to take care of parents during the warm season, and I would love to see them sign up for tennis also.

Maybe we will get most of our snowbirds and Canucks back from the restrictions of the pandemic, and our governments both trying to be frugal and safe by not getting the citizenry too tied up in the COVID-19 virus and all. One thing is for sure—we are all kind of tired of the sacrifices and restrictions that the disease has given us. Mask up, Arizona. Keep your distance, and be sure to wash your hands regularly, and use hand sanitizer!

I want to thank as many of you who have had good thoughts about my grandson and the rest of the family; this is one of those numb but hurting times in our lives.

The tennis schedule follows:

Monday Morning Women’s Tennis: 8:30 a.m., Holly Benson coordinator, 602-818-0236

Monday Morning Men’s Tennis: 10:30 a.m., Mel Terechnuk coordinator, 480-895-6734

Tuesday Morning Men’s Tennis: 10 a.m., Jack Barber coordinator, 480-274-3329

Friday Morning Drop-In: 10 a.m., Jack Barber coordinator, 480-274-3329

Sunday Morning Drop-In: 10:30 a.m., Sonny Sanico coordinator, 480-594-5513

Remember, try to cut the ball off in a straight line. If you use the old circle the ball trick, you travel further, get tired more quickly, and might need more than one nap.

May God bless and keep each and every one of you out there! Stay safe!