April Men’s Club Newsletter

Scott Moore

Our March 1 meeting saw the sitting of the new Men’s Club Executive Board. Past President Dean Huyghebaert turned his gavel over to new president Buzz Curran, and Scott Stohr was nominated and confirmed as the new vice president. All the other existing board members will remain for the 2022-23 season.

Treasurer Patrick Leach gave his monthly report, affirming that income and expenses are still trending to balance out for the season.

Below are some of the other key issues discussed:

1. Jack Cooper provided more details regarding the March 16/March 24 Riggs Road Cup Tournament with Springfield. The qualifying event was on March 3 to determine the SunBird participants.

2. The year-end Combined Men’s/Ladies Step Aside was scheduled for Friday, March 25, followed by a luncheon in the Horizon Room. The lunch was included as part of all active Men’s Club members’ dues, regardless of whether you play in the Step Aside.

3. After the executive board voted to approve the establishment of the green tees, the Men’s Club has approved the new tees for use by anyone who meets the 85-year-old age requirement. Handicap will be the same as what any player has for the yellow tees.

Sandbaggers Roll Call: Finally, there has been not just one, but two holes-in-one during Men’s Thursday play since my last newsletter. There were two aces recorded in February. Bob Gerber scored his on hole number 13 on Feb. 17, and new member Greg Smulan scored his on hole number 8 on Feb. 24. Both got to partake in some of the Men’s Club hole-in-one “Don’s Money.” Congratulations to both Greg and Bob! For those who may think I have the date and hole wrong for Bob’s hole-in-one, I’m right—he got another one on Feb. 25 on hole number 8! This was number 11 for Bob, so I think its way beyond being lucky.

The next scheduled meeting is April 5 at 9 a.m. in the ballroom. Hope to see you there!