Americans triumph over Canadians in Solheim Cup

All the players (photo taken by our multi-talented restaurant manager, Julie Mathis).

All the players (photo taken by our multi-talented restaurant manager, Julie Mathis).

Glenda Labocetta gets a hole-in-one!

Glenda Labocetta gets a hole-in-one!

Tammy Bachofner

April is here and our SunBird Ladies’ season is coming to an end, Dang it! Soon many of you will be heading home to play golf in milder climates, while others remain here for really warm golf days!

February featured some of the best highlights of the year. Let me start with congratulating Glenda Labocetta on her first hole in one!

Then the Solheim Cup. Americans vs. Canadians. Last year the Canadians took the championship while this year the Americans stepped up their game so they, too, could be champions! Some say the Americans won because I played for the Canadians! What exactly are they saying about my game? Either way, it was an extremely fun tournament. Thank you, Melissa, for your enthusiasm and hard work. Without you we would not have this event. A special thank you to Don Hunt and Richard Craig for scoring our second week. I know that’s not an easy task. Costumes (i.e. team color suggestions) provided by Melissa Craig, and editorial assistance provided by Jane Sirois who stated the luncheon provided by Julie and her team was “just delightful!” Table and patio decorations were provided by Carolyn and Gerry Tomlinson. Put it all together and it adds up to a very fun two week event! Thanks to everyone for your participation. Can’t wait until next year to see who breaks rubber match for the reigning Solheim Cup championship!

March featured our Club Championship Tournament which is always fun to watch and participate in. I will not be able to report on it until next month, and you will already know the results, so keep an eye out on the website and your emails to see who our club champion is!

As we say our good-byes and plan visits to each other’s home towns and home courses, start thinking about the next season in SunBird and consider the possibility of helping out by volunteering within the SunBird Ladies Club. There are many different opportunities, from helping with weekly parings, and tournaments, to decorating for events and planning lunches, to serving on the board, taking photos or yes, even writing monthly articles for the paper. Just let us know if you would like to help in anyway, we are always looking for new volunteers. It takes both players and volunteers to keep our club going. Plus it’s a great way to give back while getting to know all of your teammates a bit better! Give it some thought.

Our elections for next season’s board took place at the March 1 meeting so I will end my article by saying congratulations and thank you for your dedication as I introduce our new Board of Directors:

President Karen Gilmore

Vice President Tammy Bachofner

Secretary Heather Verbitsky

Treasurer Jane Sirois

Past President Cindy Vig

Upcoming April events:

April 5 – Monthly lunch meeting

Until next season – Hit em long and straight, and have fun wherever you are playing this summer!