American Italian Club News

Frank Nechvatal

As we move into the new year, we wish you all a happy, healthy 2020. At our Italian Club meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7, we will have a video presentation, and the club will provide treats to munch on while watching.
Here are the plans for future meetings. In February, we will have a game night with treats. March will see officer elections for the next two years and a member potluck. April’s meeting will be the patio party.
As we continue the outline of Italian states, we turn our attention to the Italian region of Calabria. Calabria is located from the arch of Italy to the tip of the toe of Italy. The capital city is Catanzaro. The region is known as the toe of the boot of Italy. It is a long, narrow peninsula which is surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. The peninsula is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina between Capo Peloro in Sicily and Punta Pezzo in Calabria, a two-mile stretch of sea. Three mountain ranges traverse Calabria. These mountain ranges are heavily wooded areas with windswept plateaus. One can find numerous lakes throughout these mountains. The lowlands offer great terrain for agriculture. There are numerous vineyards and citrus orchards found here, with olive and chestnut groves in the foothills. Calabria boasts one of the oldest records of human presence that dates back to around 700,000 BC. Around 1500 BC, a tribe called the Oenotri settled in the region. They are also called vine-cultivators. Over the centuries, many different peoples settled in Calabria. Their influence has given rise to the present-day stature of this region. It has a diversified economy based upon the food and textile industries. Related is the olive oil production which ranks second in the country of Italy. Along with olive oil production is the Bergamot orange crops and Porcini mushrooms.