American-Irish Club Recap

Mary Pilon, Publicity

A very happy and prosperous New Year to all! I’m sure we all are hopeful that 2021 will see an end to COVID’s threat and the restoring of peace and harmony in our beautiful country. 2020 was quite a stressful year for all of us. I pray that in 2021 we will be back to normal.

Because of these unsettling events, the entire country, the State of Arizona, City of Chandler, community of SunBird, and the activities of our Irish Club have all been upside down. Our normal events were canceled. No meetings have been held this season. The remainder of the season is uncertain. The meeting planned for January was canceled. We are now looking forward to a possible meeting on Thursday, Feb. 4. No further details are available at this writing, but fingers crossed, we will be able to assemble and enjoy one another once again.

Even though we were unable to enjoy the usual December festivities and projects, our members stepped up and provided an overwhelming generous amount of food for the hungry, toys for the children, and socks for the homeless. A special heartfelt thanks to each and every member who showed such a beautiful Christmas spirit through their charity towards the less fortunate.

A beautiful thank you letter was sent by St. Vincent de Paul, forwarded to me for safe-keeping. Well, I cannot find it. I want to pass on to all of our members how grateful the charity was for our kindness. Bless your hearts!

Maybe a little Irish humor will brighten our spirits and give us a chuckle. Here goes:

1) “Kearney, do you understand French?” “I do, if it’s spoken in Irish.”

2) “That’s my lot,” said McCarthy, leaving the dentist’s office. “I’ve just had all of my teeth removed—never again!”

When further information about a possible February meeting is available, you will all be notified by email. In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and wear your masks!