American German newsletter

Trish Deflieze

Greetings to all our club members. Hope you are enjoying the fine weather.

Our February 24 meeting was a great success. We continue to hold our meetings in the Horizon Room. This is convenient for our members as besides our usual coffee and desserts, appetizers are available and the bar is open for those of you who prefer other choices of beverage.

For German culture, Chris Nechvatal read a very moving World War II story about an American B17 pilot. This pilot was on a bombing raid over Germany five days before Christmas 1943. His plane was badly damaged and his crew wounded or dead. His plane came within the gun-sights of a German Messerschmidt fighter pilot. He was a sitting target but for some reason the fighter pilot did not shoot his plane down. In an act of great charity and danger to himself, the German fighter pilot escorted the wounded plane over German territory to the North Sea and possible rescue. The American pilot always wondered what had happened to the German pilot. Did he make it home? Did he get in trouble for letting an enemy plane get away? Did he outlive the war?

Many years later, he placed an advertisement in a newsletter for World War II airmen. Much to his surprise he made contact with the German pilot. They corresponded and finally met and over the years became great friends. They and their families visited often and in this way both found peace and put their horrific memories to rest. This is a story of great humanity and even in the midst of war, acts of human kindness occur. If you wish to read the whole article please contact Chris Nechvatal and ask for a copy.

The German Club wants to thank everyone who contributed non-perishable food items at our last meetings. The donations are given to our local food banks. Please continue to bring items to our monthly meetings.

Our April meeting will be the election of new officers. Please attend. We have the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary open.

Our next meeting is March 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Horizon Room. The meeting will feature a video presentation on German culture and/or history.

SunBird residents of German heritage or with an interest in German culture are welcome. Please come and visit and see what we are all about.

Auf Wiedersehen