‘All on a Silent Night’

Rod Emmerton

T’was three weeks before Christmas

And all thru SunBird

The residents were restless

With the news they have heard

The Singers and Ringers

Were up to their tricks

With a concert they’ve practiced

In advance of Saint Nick

They’re gonna perform

On the 7th and 8th

With a Yule presentation

So, make it a date

Our theme cites tradition

And our music takes flight

As your neighbors perform

“All on a Silent Night”

The chimes and the bells

Will fill our ballroom

The Ringers will thrill you

And your heart will balloon

The Singers will chorus

In sweet harmony

With Christmas a’comin

These concerts are free

Just bring a donation

To help with our cost

Of music expenses

Investment not lost

Both concerts begin

At 7 p.m.

Sit back and relax

And be with your friends

This Christmas tradition

For our glorious resort

Is second to none

By resident report

We’ll have lots of fun

It’ll be outta sight

A gift for your Christmas

And to all … a good night!