A Recreational Lake in the Middle of the Desert Near Me?

Dee Sabellico, SunBird resident, enjoys her daughter and grandkids at the Veterans Memorial Oasis in Chandler. It adjoins the Chandler Nature Center on Lindsay.

Jackie Cox

Yes, 113 acres surround a 70-acre recreational park! Hiking, birds, fishing (stocked by wildlife managers), cacti, horseback and hiking trails, weddings, graduation photos, picnics, and a visitors center—a mirage or an oasis?

Live, open-air concerts invite visitors on the third Thursdays from October through March on their tiered seating built into the hill that overlooks the lake.

Veterans Oasis Park is located at the intersection of Lindsay and Chandler Heights Boulevard, 20 minutes northwest of SunBird. Everything is free. For questions, call 480-782-2890. A jewel in the desert.