A Huge Thank You

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for picking homeowners’ fruit trees. Every Tuesday morning, beginning at the end of January, through April, these volunteers would go out and strip trees of fruit and then deliver the fruit to the clubhouse. Numerous people benefited from the free fruit and would be waiting in the clubhouse for them to bring it in.

They picked 149 fruit trees this year over a three-month period. They would come back to the clubhouse with torn clothes and bleeding arms. The lemon trees are the worst with their thorns. This is why we ask that you have your fruit trees trimmed and thinned out before next year’s crop.

Listed below are the volunteer pickers:

Bill Ley, Dennis Foot, Dick Also, Ed Hennek, Eileen Sievers, George Richardson, Jayne and Glen Klein, Jerry Searles, Kendall Ronning, Kraig Erickson, Larry Kosiba, Mark and Karen Hall, Peter Mann, Mary Tyler, and Gary Hall

Thanks again, team.