2015 nominees for the SBGA Board of Directors

Ray Bierowicz

Vision for SBGA: To be financially solvent and have the best run and maintained short course in the valley.

My Strengths/Experiences: Have served on the past couple Boards. I am a year round resident

Jerry Chamberlin

Vision for SBGA: My vision for SunBird golf is to have the best facility of its kind at a fair and affordable price. To make sure this continues for future members.

My Strengths/Experiences: I would bring the ability to manage people in the business environment fairly and objectively. Past Board Director and President of SBGA Inc. and have served on other boards and commissions.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Financial stability, maintaining affordability, replenishing reserve funds for future, increasing memberships due to the aging community, fostering a better relationship with the HOA.

Marcie Hogan

Vision for SBGA: My vision for our “Jewel of the East Valley” is to keep our business sound and our members pleased. This means a lush and playable course, a good balance between green fee and member play and a strong community involved in great golf activities.

My Strengths/Experiences: My strength is leadership through consultation. I spent 10 years as Principal of an inner-city school and worked with teaching and district staff to build a school designed for the needs of the students. For the past five years, I have attended all Board meetings and served as liaison for the 18 Hole Ladies. I have served on the nominating committee, the election Task Force and am currently a member of the Membership and Marketing Committee. I have chaired the CC&R Task Force for the HOA for four years which focused, among other things, on developing a good working relationship between the Golf Association and the HOA.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: I would like to focus on communications and marketing goals. Let’s explore ways to include the nine and 18 Hole Men’s and Ladies clubs in developing long range plans. Let’s continue to improve our financial status by making it attractive for SunBird residents currently golfing outside our community to return and play here. Let’s find ways to improve our methods of communication. Let’s work together.

Larry Schuster

Vision for SBGA: Increase financial strength/stability, improve communication with members and the community, establish a reserve account, develop long range plan.

My Strengths/Experiences: BA in Accounting, hold certificate in management accounting (CMA), enrolled agent with the IRS (EA), six years as Golf Club accountant, three years as part of Golf Club management.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Solidify the accounting function, increase use of technology, improve communication, and maximize play on the course.

Dean Tucker

My Strengths/Experiences: I have been Vice President of the SBGA for the last two years and head of the Greens Committee for the last two years. Prior, I was President of the Copper Golf Club in Mayna, Utah. I am a permanent resident of SunBird and have been for 20 years.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Keep SBGA a pleasant affordable place to play golf.

Jackie Huyghebaert

Vision for SBGA: To help SunBird Golf Association continue to be a solvent viable golf course, but still be affordable for its members. To keep course in top condition, working with available funds. To entice outside green fee players. To run in the most efficient, economical way possible. Help all membership to work together for the betterment of SBGA. To keep SBGA membership informed about current events and issues.

My Strengths/Experiences: I would bring organized, hard working, team player, good communicator, innovative, problem solver. Member of Thomson Lake Greens Committee, past President of SunBird Ladies Golf Club, past President of Thomson Lake Ladies Golf Club. Past Secretary/Treasurer of Thomson Lake Golf Association; 35 years educator and school administrator, Provincial Executive Board member of Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, Provincial STF Executive Bargaining Team, Senate member University of Saskatchewan, Negotiating Team chairperson for three different school divisions five contracts, Policy and Bylaw Renewal Committee member STF Provincial Executive, Curriculum Writing. Renewal and Implementation Committee STF Provincial Executive.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Improve the quality of the golf course, keep membership costs affordable, need for capital funds for renewal and regenerating of the golf course, keep lines of communication open between SBGA Board and members, finding ways to draw more green fee players, finding more ways to entice SunBird residents to golf here and not buy memberships or annuals at other course.

John Kane

Vision for SBGA: To become financially secure, keep rates as low as possible for members, continue to improve the appearance of the golf course (staging area, tee boxes, etc.), better communication between the Board, management and the members.

My Strengths/Experiences: I served on the golf Board previously for two terms. While on the Board I worked on improving the equipment line and keeping annual rates as low as possible. I am a good listener and would be open to discuss any golf issues that you may have.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: There is always room for improvement both on the course and off the course. I feel there is a lack of communication between the golf Board and the members. I feel there could be a more efficient management of golf course maintenance personnel and equipment.

Jamie Morgan

Vision for SBGA: My number one priority is to continue to strengthen and protect the solid financial position of the golf course. We need to continue with good fiscal responsibility and carefully explore all expenditures for the best cost/services per dollar. I also believe it is paramount that we open up and continue to improve communication with our membership. The more input and involvement of owners, the more excitement and commitment are created. Organizing and establishing committees to explore and make recommendations through the Board liaison would greatly improve not only better owner involvement but bring new and innovative ideas to the Board. It is crucial that we continue to support the HOA’s work to change the current CC&Rs to improve the working relationship of the HOA and the golf course. The owners of the golf course are homeowners. What is good for the golf course is good for SunBird. This idea needs to be marketed to all the homeowners of SunBird. Hopefully, in the process, we can encourage new membership and more proud owners of the golf course. Another challenge that we, as a Board, need to face is the natural transitioning of an aging homeowner population. This translates into a couple of areas of concern for the golf course. One is the decline of sales in annuals and punch cards. This will require the need to explore new marketing and advertising options in order to continue to stay strong in a difficult internal and external economy. The second concern in the transitioning of our homeowners is the need to find ways to attract the new, younger buyers in SunBird. Our goal needs to be ways to introduce them to the golf course and encourage them to become members. We have a wonderful community and a great golf course. We need to move forward with a future look rather than remain constant or with a “present” look. I would be honored and privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for the golf course.

My Strengths/Experiences: Current and previous Board experience in both business and HOA’s; 25 years in business including 15 years in management as Director of Operations (DOO). Accounting background and excellent organizational skills. Also, an additional 15 years in public relations and service.

Current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: The golf course is currently recovering from all the frost delay/closure days last year, and the decline in the annual card sales. The Board needs to continue to explore and implement ways in which to strengthen our financial position. The Board’s current position of taking a break from large projects and maintains the course this year is a wise decision and in the best interest of the club financially. The Marketing Committee, of which I am a member, is currently developing ideas and ways to grow the club’s membership and ways to offer our members the ability to re-classify their membership certificates. We also need to look closely at the sale of annuals, unlimited play, punch cards and daily play in order to maximize our revenue yet retain our current golfers and attract new golfers. We need to continue to find ways to work with the HOA in order to partner with them in drawing new people to SunBird and the golf course.