1A resident trash notice

Unit 1A residents have city-provided dumpsters for trash and large blue containers for recyclables. These containers are only for use by 1A residents. They are not to be used by residents from other areas of SunBird. Recyclable material, trash and other waste must be placed inside the containers for collection. Placement of material outside a city-provided container is prohibited.

Items too large to fit in a container can be scheduled for a free recycling or trash bulk collection. Free bulk collection is convenient, reduces concerns for litter and is courteous to those who share containers. Trash bulk pick-ups are available for tree and yard trimmings, broken furniture and other large household items.

If you have a contractor removing bulk items and/or tree and yard trimmings at your home, please advise them that they must dispose of the materials outside of the SunBird Community. Trash containers are not to be used for contractor materials.

For more details about proper placement, types and sizes of materials accepted and how to schedule a curbside bulk pick-up, call the City of Chandler Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.