Welcome New Neighbors

Tony Garcia and Barbara Rowland

1952 E. Doral Drive

Hometown/State: Auburn, WA

Tony and Barbara have two children.

Kathleen Cameron Gerber

6113 S. Oakmont Drive

Hometown/State: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kathleen has two children and has many interests.

Gail Dunn

1793 E. Colonial Drive

Hometown/State: St. Louis, MO

Gail was married for 13 years in her first marriage and 7 years in her second marriage, and she has two children. Her interests include cards, dancing, singing and gambling.

Judith Davies

1580 E. Firestone Drive

Hometown/State: Seattle, WA

Judith has two children. She enjoys sewing, reading, spectator sports, dining out with friends, movies and wine tasting.

Trent and Mary Jo Johnson

1521 E. Buena Vista Drive

Hometown/State: Minnesota

Trent and Mary Jo have been married for three years and have six children.