Welcome New Neighbors


Kathy Mummert

6226 S. Sawgrass Drive

Hometown/State: Arizona

Kathy is not married and has two children.

Diane Sarracino

1793 E. Peach Tree Drive

Hometown/State: Beaver Falls

Diane is a widow and has one child. She enjoys travel, swimming, water aerobics and movies.

Wayne and Lisa Onyx

6321 S. Tournament Lane

Hometown/State: North Barrington, IL

Wayne and Lisa have been married for 18 years and have one child. Their interests include golf, volleyball and pickleball.

Jim Rigg

1631 E. Firestone Drive

Hometown/State: Chandler, AZ

Jim has been married for 15 years and has one child.

Dennis and Jacqueline (Jackie) Bard

1768 E. Augusta Avenue

Hometown/State: 1720 W. Page Street, Duluth, MN 55811

Dennis and Jackie have been married 53 years and have two children.

Ronald and Colleen Norgard

6911 S. Tobage Drive

Hometown/State: Omaha, NE

Ronald and Colleen have been married 21 years and have five children. They enjoy golf, cars, swimming and walking.

Sally Kopman

1927 E. Bellerive Drive

Hometown/State: New York

Sally is widowed and was married for 52 years. She has two children. Her interests include all forms of art (painting, clay, jewelry making) and Mahjong.

Glen and Jayne Klein

1730 E. Kerby Farms Road

Hometown/State: Portland, MI

Glen and Jayne have been married for 38 years and have four children. They enjoy pickleball, biking and rollerblading.

Deborah Cassidy

1810 E. Doral Drive

Hometown/State: Chicago, IL

Deborah has three children.

David and Bettie Norgord

6250 S. Sawgrass Drive

Hometown/State: David – Madison, WI; Bettie – Rock Falls, WI

David and Bettie have been married for 46 years and have two children. David enjoys pool and cribbage, and Bettie enjoys arts and calligraphy.

Jane Jones

6741 S. Oakmont

Hometown/State: Clarkston, MI

Jane is married 26 years and has two children. Her interests include gardening and friendships.