Useful gate information


Here are some tips for using your gate remote: 1) If the remote does not work, first try replacing the battery (A23 size). Batteries are available at most grocery stores, discount stores and drugstores; 2) If the remote still fails to work after replacing the battery, please bring the remote to the SunBird Administrative Office for inspection during business hours.

If you are outside the gate and your remote fails to work, try using your personal 4-digit code (given to you when you received your remote). If you do not know or do not have your personal 4-digit code, please call the SunBird Administrative Office at 480-802-4901. If you enter on the resident side, press “0” on the call box and then enter your 4-digit code. If you enter on the guest side, press “#” on the call box and then enter your 4-digit code.

If the remote is lost or stolen, call or come to the SunBird Administrative Office as soon as possible to deactivate the remote.

SunBird does not warranty any remote control and will not be responsible for replacement of batteries or any lost, stolen or damaged remotes. All repair or replacement costs are the responsibility of the resident.

Why Are the SunBird Entry Gates Sometimes Left Open?

Some residents will contact patrol or the Administrative Office to report that entry gates into SunBird remain open. The City of Chandler has an ordinance for gated communities that when an emergency vehicle has entered a gated community, the gates are to remain open for 30 minutes so that other emergency vehicles may also enter without delay.

During strong winds or monsoon storms, the vehicle gates and barrier arms will remain open to prevent damage and malfunction.