Our thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around us

Don Calvert, granddaughter Brooklyn Klein and Maureen Moore

Don Calvert, granddaughter Brooklyn Klein and Maureen Moore

Emory Cosgrove and Ron Wick, mystery writers

Emory Cosgrove and Ron Wick, mystery writers

Rosie VanderVeen

Our monthly Kare Bear meeting contained an exorbitant volume of information! Reports were made by Chairwomen Emily Hughes, Memorials; Mercia Ruder, Refreshments; Marilyn Miles, Membership; Juanita Harbut, Printing; Deanna Calvert, Programs and Donations; Sherry Fann, Kare Bear Faire and Lynn McHale, Cheery Aid.

Golf Tournament Chairwoman Barb Dunbar obtained 24 sponsors. Thank you, all sponsors! A great time was had by all! Thanks also to all the volunteers; Emily Hughes, Sherry Fann, Aggi Regan, Shirley Jackson, Lynda Joyce, Vicki Baker, Deanna Calvert, Bunny Bottorff, Lynn McHale and Beverly Bayne.

Guest Toni Griesiger announced the appearance in SunBird of Marshall Trimble, speaker and noted historian often referred to as the “Will Rogers of Arizona.” Three hundred fifty tickets were sold, and extras were printed and sold at the door.

Deanna Calvert suggested we discuss ideas for additional events for the 2017-2018 year. Put on your thinking caps and bring those ideas to our monthly meeting. Strategic applications are forthcoming!

Lynn Lanza, a registered dietician from Paper Cranes, spoke to us about a healthy lifestyle in our golden years. She informed us about their wellness center and its close proximity. Their staff consists of one doctor and two nurse practitioners. Clients are able to arrange, at many times, one-day or next-day appointments. Lynn is a specialist in the field of diabetes. She works one-on-one with clients about lifestyle changes that can prevent stroke, dementia and osteoporosis; conditions of which our age group are acutely aware and somewhat apprehensive. Our bodies, as we age, need fewer calories, more protein and often times additional vitamins B-12, D and calcium. Optimally, we consume these vitamins through the food we ingest, but often we don’t choose or regulate as wisely as we could. A better look at our daily diet with inclusion of rich sources of energy and bone builders is essential to a vigorous and lively lifestyle. A Mediterranean diet consists of fish and poultry, limiting red meat and using olive or canola to fry foods. The consumption of primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts and, of course, with the addition of exercise will assure us of attaining our goal. A farm called Greenhouse Gardens on Cooper Road and Chandler Heights Road is a place where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables on Saturdays.

Our speaker at the February meeting was Dr. Robert Anderson from Impressions Foot and Ankle. His subject was “Flip flops and high heels.”

Raijani Rastogi, director of the homeless and deprived students program, will update us on the further developments and success of her avocation.

Thanks to our many SunBird residents who have donated items for the Kare Bear Faires.