SunBird postal staff keeps us connected with a smile

Our post office’s Fabulous Four staff, Jan, Barb, Mary and Annie, are pictured by a photo of the United States flag, a composite photo of various U.S. stamps.

Jackie Cox

Whether sending in our tax forms, receiving business mail or mailing or receiving birthday greetings from our distant families, our mail service is critical to us. Connecting us to all essential mail services, especially forwarding mail for seasonal residents, is a perk for SunBird residents.

Incoming mail is managed by the post office on Arizona Avenue and delivered in trucks by two carriers, Tim and Geny.

Outgoing mail, however, is managed by our friendly SunBird Post Office, within walking distance from our homes. Unlike some neighboring communities which don’t have local post offices, their residents sometimes come to this office, which handles all outgoing mail except international packages and overnight mail.

Managing the SunBird office the past two years is Jan Griffin. Jan joined our contract station post office 18 years ago after she and her husband Walt visited friends here and purchased a villa, then their home on Gleneagle Drive. They had moved from Wyoming. The couple, married 54 years, had three children and have two granddaughters.

Jan and her twin sister Judy Domenigoni and Ruth Ann Hobbs host a popular free dance for SunBird in March celebrating their birthdays. Held in the clubhouse ballroom, which the women arrange through the HOA office, the event features the Saguaro band. “I enjoy every minute here and have a great staff,” says Jan.

Mary Sandoval has been with the post office four years, following retirement from the secretarial unit of the City of Las Cruises, NM, and almost two years as a volunteer fingerprinter with the Chandler Police Department. It was an easy move to be near her son and 10-year-old triplets. Her daughter in New Mexico has three children.

Barb Richie worked 14 years in payroll and insurance for a doctor’s office and 20 years for a linen company before she moved to SunBird in 2014 and joined the post office. She and her husband were married 50 years before his death and had raised three children, all of whom live in Arizona. She has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Barb works part time, flexing her hours with the seasonal needs.

Annie Deschak, who lives on Palm Beach Drive, has been here six years after moving from New Jersey. She is widowed and has three children, two of whom live in the area. She has three grandkids, ages 19, 16 and 6, and loves shopping — especially for shoes, her co-workers added. “I was so happy to join four terrific gals at the SunBird Post Office, the best job I’ve ever had.”

All women agree that “everyone loves working here.” The services provided by the friendly staff are appreciated by SunBird residents.