SunBird Pickleball Tournament Raises Money for Alzheimer’s


Roger Mandeville

On February 3, the SunBird Pickleball Club held the first annual tournament to raise money to help find the first Survivor of Alzheimer’s. Tournament Director Pete Prucha, longtime SunBird resident and local rep for Gearbox Pickleball Paddles, was well organized and got the event started on time.

The tournament featured play for Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. All three groups were divided into A and B levels. Each group featured eight teams, which meant that each team will be required to play seven matches. It was a beautiful day, starting out with a low temperature around 52 degrees and getting to a high of 79 degrees later that day.

There was lots of exciting play, and the best part of the day was that we were able to get through the day with no serious injuries. The SunBird Pickleball Club raised $2,470 which was donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. The winners of each player category received medals and purple water bottles.

Women’s Doubles Division A winners: 1st Janine Long and Amy Ricciardi, 2nd Michelle Dillon and Rae Lynn Roe, 3rd Sue Manolis and Marianna Buescher

Women’s Division B winners: 1st Karen Gilmore and Darlens Olich, 2nd Melissa Emery and Linda Jardina, 3rd Margret Mc Carthern and Susan Mandeville

Men’s Division A winners: 1st Chad and Jordan, 2nd Dan Buescher and Alan Trudeau, 3rd Philip and Bruce

Men’s Division B winners: 1st Bob Hamm and Frank Porpiglias, 2nd Wayne Onyx and Todd Brautingham, 3rd Rob Jones

Mixed Doubles Division A winners: 1st Amy and Matt Ricciardi, 2nd Leah Palmer and Carl Eberle, 3rd Frank and Gina

Mixed Doubles Division B winners: 1st Darlens Olich and Bob, 2nd Susan and Roger Mandeville, 3rd Bonne and Philip

A reminder to all the fun-loving pickleball fans, SunBird Pickleball Club will hold the annual Pickleball BBQ (no we are not BBQ-ing pickleballs, lol) and end of season party on March 17. Lots of food and pickleball activities will be waiting for you, so come on over and have fun with us.