SunBird Art Club honors member

Sharl Byrd

Irene and Roland Coatta have been longtime SunBird residents. Sadly, Irene’s beloved Roland passed in peaceful sleep on April 11.

Irene was instrumental in the incredible SunBird Art Group start-up some years ago. Roland was her right hand man. His claim to fame was his dedicated supporting role for the many wonderful art shows and presentations in the SunBird Ballroom, always denying his artist status! But his true artistry was orchestrated in his design and placement abilities in the Ballroom art shows. Roland’s selfless assistance was far and wide; set up and arrange tables and chairs, set up equipment and disassemble all at shows’ end, not to mention so many other various duties requiring his strong arm techniques and ingenuity.

The SunBird Art Group wishes to thank Roland, posthumously, for the loving time and energy he so kindly gave, always fulfilling the need whenever and wherever. We also wish to thank Irene and to acknowledge her sorrowful time in the loss of her dear Roland. We, the SunBird Art Group, embrace them both lovingly.