Spotlight on Advertiser: Many lives changed when we met Max…

Scott Taylor

Our son (Austin) was six years old, and we were just told by his teachers that due to his hyperness and inability to sit still (ADHD) in class, we needed to get him “medicated” for him to succeed. This is our little boy; we did not want to start him on medication that would change him. So we looked to find him a natural alternative.

One night, my husband (Arnold) handed me a flyer about a natural health supplement seminar that might help that started in 30 minutes. That was the night I was introduced to Max and what RiboCeine is and how this molecule can increase the Glutathione levels in our bodies 300%. I heard that night many stories on what this has done for others. After some research and discussion, we started Austin on this product. That was May 2012.

Austin started back to school that August, and that first parent conference with his teacher (the same one who told us to get him medicated) came up to us and asked what did we do? We noticed some improvement after 60 days, but when his teachers (and others) started noticing, that was huge. Homework became easier, his grades improved, his mental clarity and focus sharpened and his anxiety decreased dramatically.

Our story does not end here. Arnold was the next to start taking the product because of his high stress job, low energy, migraines twice each week and whole-body inflammation that made all his joints hurt. After being on the product for 90 days, his pain from inflammation was gone, sleeping better, more energy, better focus and in a few more months, even the migraines went away.

My parents, who were 76, started taking the RiboCeine product next. My mother had terrible bronchitis every time she changed homes for the season (Indiana and Florida). Her bronchitis would last several weeks and, one year, did not go away at all. The medications from her doctor did not help. After being on the RiboCeine supplement for a season, she did not get bronchitis when she changed homes. Furthermore, since taking RiboCeine (five years now) she has only had bronchitis once that lasted only a short time.

The life-changing stories keep going for us and for others whom we have met since we met MAX. You can read more about them at