Short term rental property update


This article is the beginning of providing information over the next several months to our SunBird membership concerning this topic. Over the past year, several SunBird residents have expressed concerns to the Board of Directors at almost every meeting about short-term rental properties in SunBird (one night to less than 30 days). The Internet has made this option much more popular and convenient for those wishing to do this. The concerns range from these short-term rental homes having new renters for only a weekend or a couple of weeks, not reporting to the Association for record keeping, not knowing who they are, age restrictions, non-compliance and other concerning matters.

Currently, SunBird does not have restrictions for the length of time a home can be rented in SunBird. The Board of Directors has been researching this with other communities and our attorney. The Board has found that many communities have a 30-day minimum rental requirement. In order to adopt restrictions for rental property, a majority vote of the entire SunBird membership would need to occur by mail ballot. Discussing this idea at several open meetings, SunBird residents seem to like the period of time for rental properties of no less than 30 days. At our September and October meetings this fall, the Board would like to finalize the wording for proposed amendment to the CC&R’s. The next step would be to send a ballot to the membership in December for voting on this proposal of limiting short-term rental property to no less than 30 days.