Roadrunners Poker Run

The hosting houses: Russ and Jeanne Bower, Jack and Sandy Barber, and George and
Janet Richardson

Bill Johnson

The SunBird Roadrunners Golf and Social Club held their Fifth Annual Poker Run on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020. The 51 participants enjoyed the great weather all afternoon. Beginning at the Horizon Room, the group drew their first of five cards from Lorrie Johnson and Charlotte Donaldson. Proceeding to the second stop, hosted by Janet and George Richardson, the group enjoyed snacks and some refreshments, along with the second card. The card draw at this house was administered by Jean and Stan Milanowski. Third stop was hosted by Sandy and Jack Barber with card draws overseen by Sharon Van Gruensven and Hank Danelski. Again, there were more great snacks and refreshments. Rounding out the hosting at the fourth location were Jeanne and Russ Bower. More fantastic refreshments and another card draw, watched closely by Irene Treece and Cliff Johndrow. After watching the shoot-out finals (a bonus viewing location on the 9th hole), the gang returned to the Horizon Room for the finale. The fifth card draw was checked by Bill and Lorrie Johnson. A light meal was served prior to the poker results.

With the possibility for best five of a kind, no one was that lucky. Best overall was three of a kind. The actual results were as follows: First place was Dominic Zaccone, second place was Steve Lemmons, third place was Charlotte Donaldson, and fourth place went to Donna Moran.

Comments from the group suggested some positive things to consider for next year’s activity. Thanks to all for making this another fun event.