What does the Projects Review and Long Range Planning Committee do?

What does the Projects Review and Long Range Planning Committee do?

The committee meets monthly to review plans and ideas submitted by homeowners and staff and looks for areas of improvement for the present and future. Once an idea has been researched, studied and information completed, it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval or denial and funding if necessary. Over the years, the committee has reviewed many projects, some with merit and others not. It takes a significant amount of time and dedication by each of these members who volunteer their services to look for ways to make nice improvements to the facilities and services of SunBird. We appreciate all the improvements made to SunBird over the past few years and thank all those committee members who have worked diligently for the benefit of SunBird. Here is a list of these accomplishments:

South shuffleboard courts wind walls

Tennis courts shade cover

Concrete walks around shuffleboard courts

North shuffleboard courts wind walls

Sail shade covers over horseshoe area

Sail shade cover area at small pool

Shade covers at patio

Cover over patio kitchen

Patio kitchen

Ballroom storage area

Ballroom risers

Bar in Ballroom

Widening stage and storage in Ballroom

Paint and drapes in Ballroom

Chairs for Ballroom

Sound room in Ballroom

Multi-purpose room

Active center area

Freezer for Horizon Room

Fans at entrance to Horizon Room

Patio cover at Horizon Room

Fitness area

Expand maintenance area at Post Office

Redo the entrance to Horizon Room and Pro Shop

Make Kerby Farms a residence entry

Sail shade covers over stairs at clubhouse

Tile on Horizon patios

Tile on patio east end second floor

Tile on exterior stairways

Cover over south patio at Horizon Room

New shelves for the library

Remodeling of the Horizon Room

Welcome/direction sign at Championship and SunBird Drive

Enclosure at the Ballroom ramp area

Lighting at Riggs Road entrance

Install lights in the island on Championship Drive