News for the Pro Shop


Jerry Lingen

September is a good time for all golfers to get a special deal. It’s just prior to our overseeding, and we should be getting some reduction in the outside heat. Even if that reduction takes place, the summer discount prices will continue through the month of September. Check with the Pro Shop for our special prices.

It’s also a good time to check out the merchandise in the shop and look for the sale items.

The Labor Day tournament will take place on Monday, September 3.

Overseeding will be on a different schedule this year. In the past, we have done the overseeding in September. This year, we will begin the project on Saturday, October 13. It is anticipated that we would reopen the golf course at the end of the month. Details will be available on the exact schedule in the Pro Shop.

We have noticed that some players have been taking the range ball baskets and putting them in their carts. Please do not take the baskets. If this continues, we could run out of baskets. If we see the baskets in someone’s cart, we will take them back. So, again, when using the range, please return the baskets to the range ball machine area.

We have been making a special effort to ask golfers not to walk in or drive in areas that have been reseeded. We thank those who are helping us with this.

We want to thank all of you who have made donations to the Green Up Fund and will make it possible to help beautify our community. An announcement of the amount raised will be available for our next publication.

As we approach our busy season, we ask all our groups who will be scheduling golf for the upcoming season to get their schedules to us. This would also apply to any groups who are planning a tournament. Make sure we have your date scheduled.

Happy Golfing!