Manager’s Report

It’s that time of year when our traveling SunBird residents are returning back to SunBird. It has been a busy summer with many improvement and maintenance projects here in the community. We sincerely appreciate our SunBird year-round residents who braved the high temperatures, endured the project inconveniences and supported SunBird activities this summer. Many activities and fun events have been planned for this season. We look forward to welcoming everyone back again to enjoy the good life SunBird has to offer.

The weather is terrific, and SunBird is at full throttle with activity – golfing, tennis, swimming, shuffleboard, horseshoes, pickleball, bocce ball, billiards, exercise activities, card games and much more. What a sight to see all residents living life to the fullest with all the amenities SunBird has to offer. If any of these is not your thing, come up to the clubhouse and check out the books in the library, complete a puzzle or join one of the many art classes to learn and do something fun. We have something for everyone.

This past month, several projects were still in the works of completion. The decorative block divider wall was installed between the ballroom walkway and barbeque patio area. This adds a new classy look to the clubhouse and separates the two areas when multiple events are taking place. The main sewer lift station was completely removed and replaced at the clubhouse. This work required closure of the fitness room, as it is directly located beneath the area. While the fitness room was closed for this work, the rubber flooring was treated, cleaned and sealed. The ballroom has been closed for almost three weeks to perform annual maintenance of the hardwood floors of stripping, treating and refinishing. Maintenance and improvement projects are crucial in keeping SunBird a functional and progressive community.

The operating budget and plans for 2018 are nearing final approval. The budget process began in April of this year and has been under study and review over the past three months. Some of the major capital improvement, replacement and maintenance plans that are being considered for completion in 2018 are 1) The room expansion between of the Hopi and Pima rooms in the clubhouse, 2) Major road replacement work in some areas of SunBird, 3) Replacement of some of the older fitness room exercise equipment, 4) Common area landscape refurbish project phase 1, and 5) New billiard tables.

SunBird has about 12 miles of privately-owned roads within that curve and are sometimes narrow without sidewalks next to them. Recently, in some of the high-traffic road areas around the clubhouse and other intersections, stop and slow-down signs have been painted directly on the ground to help remind people to stop and slow down. SunBird has lots of activity on the roads with pedestrians, bicyclists, golf carts and vehicles. To assist with safety, two new “Stop” signs have been installed at the corners of Oakmont Drive eastbound at Kerby Farms and Waterview Drive. Let’s be conscious of the traffic rules and be extra careful when driving to keep SunBird a safe place to enjoy.

The month of November is widely known as a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. SunBird has many veterans living here and/or have family members who served or have passed on and/or family members currently serving. We will be honoring all service persons on November 11 in the ballroom at our Veterans Day program. Without the many sacrifices of our service people, we would not have the freedoms and luxuries of life we enjoy each day. Let’s show gratitude to our veterans and be thankful for what we have. Thank you for your service.

Have a wonderful Veterans Day and a Happy Thanksgiving!