Kare Bears gives funds early to SunBird Golf


At the January 2018 Kare Bear membership meeting, it was voted on by our volunteers to give $700 to the SunBird Golf Association a little early this year. We gave them $430 to put up 10 more safety signs as you enter the cart paths onto the golf course and $270 for a new copier/printer for the Pro Shop.

The signs are very important for the safety of all our residents and guests. People who live on our golf course have noticed an increase of people using the cart paths as a walking path, or even walking their pets. This can be very hazardous and is a huge liability for SunBird. The course gets watered several times during the day, causing the sidewalks to get very slippery. The golf course is not owned by the HOA, so it is only open to individuals who are golfing.