Going Green Committee

Nancy Eckstein

SunBird’s Community Day is November 5 and we will have the Phoenix Fiber truck at the event (it will be parked near the water fountain). Phoenix Fiber is the company we work with who collects and recycles unusable clothes, linens and pairs of shoes to produce insulation. Please bring your items to the event. SunBird makes $.10 a pound from this project. To date, we have brought in over $800. Thanks for all your support.

Are you getting ready to trim your trees or bushes and aren’t sure how to get rid of all the trimmings? Don’t want to fill up your regular garbage container or the large garbage containers used by the residents of the Villas?

You can call the City of Chandler for a bulk pick-up. Residents paying for city-provided solid waste services can schedule a free recycling and/or trash bulk pick up at their front curb every six weeks. For more details call 480-782-3510.

For more information go to www.chandleraz.gov; click on the Residents tab, then click on Recycling and Trash, and finally click on Bulk Item Collection.

We’re still looking for new members for our committee. We meet the first Thursday of each month at 2:00 in the ballroom. We meet October through April. Come visit and see what we are all about.