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Guest Cards/Passes

Chris Nechvatal Our holiday visitors are gone. Did they drive away with your guest cards/passes? Have you misplaced or lost them? Any non-resident must carry a guest card whenever they use any HOA facility when not accompanied by the homeowner. A guest must display the guest card in the fitness room and have it available…

ACC news

Driveways, Vehicles, Carts, oh my! Snowbirds are back! The SunBird community is humming with activity. It’s time to review some “Do’s and Don’ts.” Please note the following guidelines: All vehicles (including golf carts) cannot be parked on or over gravel anywhere on your property. All parking spaces must be entirely paved with concrete or concrete…

Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Sunday Breakfast Buffet is now available each Sunday for $10.00. For lighter diners, we will now be offering a small list for order off the menu. The Horizon Room is open for Sunday breakfast at 8:00 a.m. until noon. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you!

Thank you, Chuck Warren and Pat McGonegle! We appreciate your many years of service to SunBird as a Board of Director and all of the volunteer work you do! Thank you!

SunBird’s website

  SunBird’s website has some of the latest news and information of what’s going on in SunBird. SunBird’s activities, meetings, calendars, clubs, groups and organizations have contact information that can be accessed at Come  visit us.

Email News Group

  SunBird has an email newsletter and special-notices program to improve communications with homeowners. If you are not registered for the SunBird email list or you are not sure if you are, please go to the SunBird website at and click on the icon picture of the email chimp (monkey) at the bottom of…

Notes from the Board Meeting

  The Board of Directors had a combined Agenda Planning and Business meeting December 11. The following are the notes from this meeting: Members Present: Gordon Lee, Dee Brown-Knoeppel, Don Calvert, Nancy Eckstein, Shirley Clark, Pat McGonegle, Chuck Warren, Layne Varney President Gordon Lee called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Potential agenda items…

HOA annual membership meeting

  The annual membership meeting is Monday, March 5, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ballroom. The purpose of this meeting is to report to the membership regarding the operations and accomplishments of the year 2017. All SunBird homeowners are welcome to attend.

Patrol report

Thomas Catri, Chief of Patrol Gated Communities. As the number of gated communities in America continues to grow, so does the importance of home and neighborhood security. Keeping a gated community secure is the responsibility of all residents, not just the gates. If you enjoy the benefit of living in a gated community, you should…

SunBird Trivia is back

Trivia is back every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the Horizon Room, hosted by the ONE, the ONLY… “Sherlock Homes.” Reserve tables (for the week, month or year) Monday morning prior to the Thursday Trivia.