Board of Directors elections

The seven members of the Board of Directors will have three Directors whose three year terms will be expiring the end of this year leaving three vacancies on the Board. Five SunBird homeowners have expressed interest to serve on the Board and will be candidates for these vacant positions. The last issue of the SunBird News had their names, pictures and a statement about each candidate.

The Elections Committee has asked each of the candidates several questions regarding SunBird. The questions and answers of all the candidates will be compiled into a packet first available for hand out at Community Day. The ballots were mailed in early November to each SunBird homeowner with a deadline return date of December 15. If you did not receive a ballot please visit the office. On December 16 the Elections Committee will meet to verify and tally the votes. Please take time to get to know each of the candidates and most of all, please vote. If you have any questions please contact the office at 480-802-4901.