Auction Exceeds Expectations

Wes Akerman

Billed as a fundraising activity, this auction has morphed into a premiere social event at SunBird. Treasured items were homemade baking, with bids in excess of $100. This year, our auction netted over $9,000 which will be used to improve the sand traps on the back nine.

The generosity of golfers, friends, and local businesses makes it possible for SunBird Golf Course to be the gem of the SunBird Golf Resort.

Our neighboring golf courses are supported by the entire community in which they are located. But our course has only the many volunteers who stage this annual event. Sadly, HOA bylaws prevent our community from supporting their finest asset.

We continue to strive to maintain a golf course that increases the desirability of our SunBird homes. In preparation for the next auction, you might want to think about what you could do to ensure that SunBird remains a golf resort.