What Is a Database?

Ralph Larsson will be the Nov. 4 speaker.

Ralph Larsson will be the Nov. 4 speaker.

Helen Seaton, Public Relations Director

The next meeting of Computer Booters will be on Wednesday, Nov, 4, beginning at 1 p.m. This will be a virtual meeting on Zoom. Our speaker will be Ralph Larsson.

You’ve probably heard things like, “all of your data is in a database,” or “all of your data is in the cloud (in a database).” So, what is a database? And why is the database the keeper of all of the world’s data? A database is really an application whose task is to store collected data and deliver it to people and programs, upon request. Of course, in our “data driven” world, there are billions of pieces of data to be managed. It’s a difficult and complex task, but something has to do it. We’ll discuss how it’s done.

Ralph is a member of the club, and many of you have seen and heard him speak before. He spent part of his long career designing, building, and running databases for companies like McDonalds, Visa, McDonnell Douglas, and American Express. He’ll explain how databases work to store all of the data that computers use and need.

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